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ZZiplex ZTI vs Dymic lT 14 question

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Would like to know which of these two rods is best suited for OTG. Personally I find that the Dymic LT 14 has a stiff butt and is more like a J curve rod as compared to the XTR goundcaster which seemed to be more parabolic. Is the ZZiplex ZTI similar to the LT 14? Would the ZTI be better for OTG than the LT 14 using 150gr? I find that I can load the LT 14 very well using a flat pendulum but not so much during OTG. Maybe I just need more time practicing.
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Conventional wisdom says the ZTI should perform better for groundcasting.

I have owned them both, still have the LT14. The ZTI has a stiffer tip which should work better groundcasting.

One thing I have learned though, you don't know unless you try them both.... :)

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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