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Fished the Rocky Jetties at Yorktown in between rain showers from 1p - 3p. Tagged / released 5 flounder (12" - 16"), all got on a variety of Saltwater Assassins (Chartreuse, Space Guppy & Electric Chicken).

Missed maybe the biggest flounder I've had on in the last two-years. I guess about 24" or so. I got him up to the edge of the jetty, held my rod high in my left hand, deftly positioned my feet on the slick low-tide rocks, scooped up my landing net in my right hand and proceeded to bonk him on the head three times until I dislodged the hook.

He had the courtesy to sit on the submerged rock, without the hook in him, just long enough for me to make one manic swipe with net before he drifted off to the darker water.

I will be holding rechristening ceremonies for my former "landing net", heretofore referred to as my "long-handled, quick release derigging apparatus".

Sure, blame the equipment.


Jake Ace
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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