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Decided to go fishing with the girlfriend to Yorktown CGB. Fished from 11 AM - 5 PM.

Let me just say...Patience is everything when it comes to fishing.

From 11 AM - 2 PM was able to manage two pinhead croakers. Was so discouraged that we almost decided to leave and go to the Williamsburg Outlet and tour. :fishing: Girlfriend talked me out of this.

Starting from 1PM, threw out a croaker head with the drag set. Nothing for 2 hours....Then at 3PM I hear my reel screaming. I was at the other side of the pier at this point and I had to bring back those high school track skills to get to my pole. SLAMMED THE HOOK HOME, and managed to bring in the first Striped Bass. 22 inches. An absolute beauty.

From 3 PM, my girlfriend kept catching spot and croakers and brought them to me. I tried every combination for bait (heads, tails, live lining) but the stripers would ONLY take the heads. I found that kinda strange.

I finally was able to convince my girlfriend to attempt to catch a striper. The moment I set the pole in her hand, the reel started screaming again. Rockfish number 2 - 25 inches. I was so proud of her. Plus, I have to thank her for being amazing at netting fish.

From then on, I managed to catch 2 more, losing a couple to the pylons (Leader was so frayed at that point, it was ridiculous.) We kept the third one, and released the fourth one. They were both 26 inches.

In the midst of all this, my girlfriend also managed to catch a 19 inch Gray Trout. She had been fishing the opposite side of the pier and carried it over to me and I was absolutely stunned. :D

All in all, a wonderful day, an amazing God who blesses and an amazing girlfriend who can share the passion for fishing.

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