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I've been making out pretty good at yard sales lately here in PA. I fish Hatteras 3 or 4 times a year and have been wanting to set up a dedicated shark rig ever since I saw a couple guys bring in a nice 7-8 footer last year on the point with a big conventional and yaks and having my own gear shredded to pieces after my own run in with them this past fall. I found this Penn Senator 9/0 sitting on a table at a yard sale. I asked how much, he replied 20 bucks.... I got it for 15! It's as smooth as butter and there's a layer of "oldness" over the whole thing that rubs off with your finger. It should shine up like a new penny. I know... it's not a level wind but for what I paid I'm not complaining. The Original Stingsilvers, lead, rigs and "bobber" I got in an old tackle box with a huge bird nest full of hooks and other terminal tackle that I cut out of it. I paid 6 bucks for it. So, everything you see for 21 bucks! :D

A couple of questions. What are the rigs with the wire leader, beads and slip sinkers used for? I was just going to cut them up and use the lead for Carolina rigging the wash. Also, I thought the bobber was just a bobber until I picked it up and noticed it had 3 metal beads inside for noise and batteries for....a light? Is this some type of popping cork? I wasn't sure why it would have the beads inside if not to pop it. We're heading down next weekend for a week and the house we're staying at has a few yaks and I plan hitting some drop-offs in the sound with popping corks and Gulp for trout, pups, whatever I can find.

Also, is there any way to change my username. Stupid spell checker got me again.:mad:


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