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Would it be worth going our for surf/pier fishing on March 26? If so, what beach?

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I am thinking about going on a day trip to a beach in North Carolina for some surf/pier fishing. I have fished the surf near Charleston, SC before using Carolina rig with mullet and shrimp but have never been to an NC beach or had experience with other types of fishing. What is a good specific beach for fishing? Will I be able to catch anything this time of year? What species should I target? Is it even worth for me to drive 2.5 hours or more depending on the beach. Catching a few fish with one pretty good catch would make it worth it for me, but will people be doing that around the 26th? Thanks!
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Not an expert on NC fishing but vacationed at Ocean Isle Beach a couple of years ago and did a lot of pier fishing - http://www.oibpier.com/
Mostly a lot of small fish with the most likely fish 'whiting' (we know them as kingfish in NJ).
Also caught a small 3ft Mako.
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