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Hey guys, I am trying to plan a winter fishing excursion and could use a little advice. I have always fished in the spring, summer and fall but never a winter trip. Are the fish still around then? And what species could be caught from surf or a pier? My buddies and I are trying to plan for a trip around March to Hatteras. We're not set on location yet and have a few options available to us. We have a camper we can pull for a campground and a couple ATV's along with my Jeep to drive on the beach. Or we could rent a house, we're just not sure which is best yet. We thought about striper-fishing, but heard they are hit/miss the last few years. I know that the Gulf-stream comes in right onto the Point at Hatteras, but will any fish be around then?
We just got back from Portsmouth Island and had a blast! And I am all ready planning (working on planning) the next trip!!
Any advice or maybe even a web-site to find info would be GREAT!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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