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Wind Direction

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Maybe its cuz I didn't pay as much attention to winds last year as this year but I swear I don't remember th winds staying in one direction for so long. Th winds have been w-sw for basically th last month or so. Am I off an it was like this last yr or is this different this yr?
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I think you're right Cdog. I don't recall this weather pattern sticking around this long last year. And I don't ever recall ever to have to use my fullsuit to go surfing in July (59 degree water temp last week). These constant SW winds have pushed the warm water off shore.

Windmill Point is showing 57 degrees today. BRRRR!!!
CDog your Right

On the OBX in the summer it blows SW almost every afternoon. But, up here, we usually get a better mix than we got this year. As the water warms in the shallows, the SW blows the warm top water out and it is replaced with the cooler water from underneath.
Oh well, it might make for some really good late Striper fishing.
Actually last year was a bit odd. thw W Sw is the predominate wind patten for this region(why I like Topsail in the summer). You will find the cold fronts will begin to get a little stronger causing the winds to start to shift soon. Also one of the tropical depressions will form causing a east wind.
Been watching the wind,water,&surf in this area for quite a few years and this is pretty typical. Summertime= S/SW and the winter is more N/NE, but that's just the adverage and we are getting a little more than the adverage right now. That's why all of us Die-Hard Surfers & Surf-fisherfolks anxiously await the first few north-easters of the fall. Not only do they bring cooler (air) temps and waves, but that along with the shorter days & cooler water temps trigger the instinct in fish that makes them feed hard giving us the kick-butt fall fishing season!!
Thanks for th input guys, learn something new everyday. I swear one of these days I'm gonna start that fishing jornal so I can have a personal history to look back on for conditions etc. when fishing. :rolleyes:
You know I thought about doing that too Cdog. And it is a good idea, don't get me wrong. But I don't want it to get to the point that I look at my journal and see that it isn't the right conditions and right time of year and not go fishing. Sometimes you have to go fishing just for the priniciple of it. Just relax and enjoy the environment. Problem is with the not so decent fishing this year seems like that is all I have been doing.;) I am a little anxious for the fall runs.:)
Its not that I would use it to decide whether or not to go fishing by, but as a tool to jog my memory. I can tell you th day time an air temp when I caught my first cobe but I couldn't tell you water temp,tide or wind direction. Memory is going fast I guess. :D
Yeah that is when I think it comes in handy. I would rather go fishing and catch nada then be sitting at work doing nada;)
I've always heard that as you get older (provided you're lucky enough to do so!) your memory is only the second thing that you lose, and I'll be [email protected] if I can remember what the first one was. Anyway, I too, try not to let wind,weather or whatever stop me from going fishing, that is unless it's really crappy out. Read my signature at the bottom--I really go by that if I'm jonesn' to catch some, and if you're just fishing and not catching well I always call that paying the dues or research or something.

I statred a journal about two years ago and i can actually say i think it helps me in fishinf. I can see what bait i used and what the weather was and where i was. I tend to take what works and live the rest at home. I take the lures that work best for me from history. I have one lure that i have no luck with except if i have a sw 5-8mhps wind and it is around 80 degrees. it is the weirdest thing.
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