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Sorry for the late report. Tuesday 4-29, i finally made my first trip to the spit. i made it there around 9:45 with the tide just finishing coming in. I casted a 5inch storm lure for about an hour, with not even one strike. I was about to give up, when someone walked up.. Seeing i had company i stayed for a while longer. The person walking up turned put to be Digger. Nice meeting you that night.. Anyways, i kept on casting the storm, and sure enough hooked up w/ a 28inch grey trout. He weighed right around 8lbs. The rest of the night no action.. The following night did not turn out to be very productive. I tried for about an hour, and had no luck, although i did see a couple of 21-23 inchers caught. I also met VAFishingFool that night.. Nice talking with yea. I will see yall out there again.
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