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fished from 4pm to 2am.....13 big spot on bloodworms and 2 grey trout...trout were 12 and 13 inches on crab...caught a 15" eel....i live lined it for a striper but no takers:(.....few silver perch,small sea bass and toads........

when i got there the spot were runnin..they said they had been biting since about 2:30PM.....seen one couple catch a 25" striper, 20" flounder and 2 speckle trout..trout were about 16-20"..nice and fat..they also had a mess of spot.....also this one lady was tearing up the small grey trout and blues on a bobber with squid......at about 7:30pm the bite died...8pm low tide....i stuck around hoping for it to pick up....about 1am the spot started coming back...caught a couple more and decided i had enough to clean at 2am lol...time to go.

some pier info...$4 for adults, $3 for children and seniors....they have bloodworms and squid for sale on pier...pier is open 24hrs ....the old guy that you pay usually leaves about 10pm or 11pm...so after that...its pretty much free cuz there is noone to take your money lol

just bought me a digital cam and i took some pics today...will post them tommorow.
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