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Fished the Jetty ~5-630pm caught 4 nice (2-4lb) Greys, a croaker, and one "throw back" trout. Tide was slack then started in, wind S-SW ~10K, water murkey-stained, w/very light grass. Fished dark green 4" plastic Mr. Twister on a 3/8oz jig tipped w/fresh peeler crab. Scored peelers which made the difference from Lighthouse Tackle, thank you very much Capt. Scott ;)

Saw few other Greys, couple croaker, and a blue caught by 4-6 was there. Left the sporadic catchin' to address Daddy issues, just happy I got to fish, major bonus to due some catchin', just to bad I didn't catch enough to share :rolleyes:

Tip it, rip it, and toss some back,

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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