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Such a nice day, hit Willoughby Jetty @ HRBT after work ~5pm for a few casts. Tossed both a gotcha and a red/white-jig/grub from off first Jetty to second set of rocks east of HRBT to no avail :(

Sunny, 75F, SW15, guess water temp ~45F, w/a hard out going tide, dingy water, and plenty of grass. One other angler at end of jetty catchin' grass too :mad:

Regardless was good to get out at the end of such a nice day and my little girls worked there hookless plastics for a while too :D

Maybe get off land soon in The Bucket as she's ready to go for another season on the high seas :eek:

Clean the rust or the dust & go fish,


FYI, scored a 6' single piece mh Ugly Stick & Diawa reel spinning combo for 40 bucks (a tackle show left over) from Ben Raugh Co. B/T today while picking up Saltwater fishing license. There's a couple left if your interested :)

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Hey Bucket!

You made it out!

While on the pier today, a guy came out to scope and gain as much info as he could. Should be able to get started with what I gave him. A funny comment he made was how I was able to pull my line in without huge chunks of grass. I think I've cut little channels from all of my retrieves!

Tight lines,


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Sounds like the bucket is getting pumped up for the season soon to be here up there.
Hope it comes sooner then later for you all.
There has been alot of twitching going on in the posts on the boards like Addicts looking for their Fishin Fix. :D
Good Luck To Ya

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