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Who's going were on Friday?

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WHere is the spot? Friday 6-27
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It's on. SPSP Friday Night 8pm-late. I need to get some fish to try the new recipes that people posted. Anyone else plan on going fishing Friday night?
I might be able to make it out for Sunday during the day for a few hours. Hopefully it's not too hot and sunny but then again, it's better than rain :cool: How's the daytime fishing at SPSP? Will I catch something other than a sunburn?
Yes you can, just be sure to bring your bug spray and pray for an inshore breeze.:D

Everyone has to be fishing though, or at least pretending to be..so no camping per say.
But the night fishing there has been good, so a few bugs won't hurt
littlefry, yes you can stay and fish at SPSP all night. They will ask everyone without a license to leave at 8pm I believe since anytime after that is for fishing only.
All Nighter

No drinking after dark at SPSP either. The ranger comes around to check things out on the beach from time to time. Everyome must have license and don't even think about keeping any fish that you shouldn't. WW - I have heard that the daytime fishing is not so good at SPSP.
At SPSP during the day right now you probably will only catch a few spot. At least that is what I say Sunday, from 2 pm on
I think I will try to fish there this weekend all night. But the bugs may run me away. The mosquitoes must be immun to bug spray. They are hungry and not afraid of nothing. They bite threw your clothes and your hat.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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