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Mostly Dirty water on a strong NE Wind today..
Fished Falling & Rising Tides..
Pogies are covering the beach today..
Didn't see Many black Drum.. Just a few Reds caught... (Shorts) a couple legal size Flounder caught on Mud Minnows...
I got "spooled" either by a Large sandbar or a Big Red... Running super fast couldn't STOP,,
Or,,, nor slow it Down... (I have a very large mullet rod)....
Respooled w/line..
Caught a couple blues for King bait.... they were hitting anything EXCEPT ,, got-cha plugs.. :rolleyes:
I caught mine on Bare bronze #4 Trebles trying to snag Pogies... Go figure... :rolleyes:
Settled in after Getting My pin rig/King Rig up...
Had about a 1/2 pound of Old NC fresh, popcorn shrimp for stir fry...
And it started,, Mullet's Large ones up to 2 pounds each... ALL DAY LONG...
Average size a pound plus... :popcorn:
Water cleared some right before Dark,, I caught 1 King, a buddy got another... Mine was barely "Legal" at 25 inches,, but excellent eating size....
Water Temp still holding @ 72...
NE winds today were,,, Brisk
Expected NE wind tomorrow are 10~15 with a 2 to 3 foot swell..
Guess this post wouldn't be complete without pics right?
You could actually put bits of Spam, on a Hook, those Mullet were THAT Hungry.. :spam: :D
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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