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went down to LOCKLIES out at whitestone spots and baby croakers used 2 for cut bait did no good lots and lots of people got real windy out on that big open water had a great trip all & all just not quite long enough :D
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Was down out of Locklies 2 weeks ago, loaded up on big croaker, kept about 30 for eatin when we got home. Will be going down there again the 11th. Did you charter a boat or bring your own? We will be in a 19ft Carolina SKiff
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took my own they charge 7.00 i think it was to put in there but its well worth it cause hell the big waters right there
plank caster when ya go do ya fish on th other side chanel this side ?
Normally when I go the first thing I do is run out between the bridge and the first daylight channel marker on the Locklies side and look for 22-28 feet of water and start my drift there. This is what I do the day I arrive and dont have a whole lot of time before getting back to the motel, dinner etc. When I get a full day I run downriver either to the Silo's or to the Cell Phone Tower and use my depthfinder to look for drop offs or schools of fish. Last time I was down I found the big croaker right in the middle of the channel across from the tower in 55 feet of water. On Locklies website, lockliesmarina.com there is a very basic map of a few of the fishing spots. This will give you a general idea of where to head and from there you can use your depthfinder. If nothing else keep an eye on the charter boats. They will just about always know where to catch em but make sure to keep a polite distance as this is how they earn a living. What kind of boat do you have? Hope this helped
Tight lines and popped riggers
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yea plankcaster i got a 19 ft 1969 v hull with a 65 merc very roomy fishn boat got the console in th back id take that thing everywhere :cool:
Hey, that's pretty funny after you made this post about "Locklies" ;)

inawe said:
why pay $ 750 when ya can go across the bridge turn left theres a boat ramp there to plus locklies dont sell beer ?:--->
Yea, it's sorta nice having a good ramp and know your stuff will be there when ya get back
yeah you right ; thats a winning spot i dont care if i cant remember how much it was [CAUSE I AINTA PAYN WHEN I GO ] someone else is [ha ha ]:D
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