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Where would you buy a vacation home on the eastern shore?

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So my dad just told me he wants to buy a vacation home on the eastern shore and found one in Crisfield, MD. It is close to the bay, and about an hour from Ocean City. I don't know what exactly he is looking for. I figure it would be nice if the community had a private fishing pier. He has mentioned he wants to get a vacation home somewhere over there and get into fishing, but I'm not sure how much of an avid fisherman he would become. He has a Wrangler and enjoys off roading, and also an old VW bus and likes to go to AI and just camp out on the beach and relax. I know there's not much to go off but I figure you guys know way more than me. Any recommendations?
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Oh ESVA sounds really nice, but I think he's trying to stay in MD. Seems like he wants to find a place in Ocean City, MD right now. No complaints there :D Thanks all for the responses.
Look into Ocean Pines.
It has community access via boat ramp to the bay, flounder is just a 10 minute boat ride away, you can have your own pier on a canal, golf , tennis pools etc right there.
My parents had a house there for years.
OC for me would be West OC, or South Point by AI, go straight instead of bearing left to go over the bridge. Lots of little bays and creeks.
Even Berlin wouldn't be bad, away from the bustle, but 20 minutes away from the AI suds..
Ocean Pines is exactly where he's looking. I hope he gets something there. Berlin is his next choice, based on the homes he's sending my way. If this works out maybe I'll finally make a trek to OC and learn to fish there. Thanks for the feedback!
My dad has a Wrangler that he likes to take out on AI every year. He doesn't fish...yet...haha so he is just interested in a vacation home to have in the family. I'm trying to make sure wherever it ends up being there is good fishing near by ;)
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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