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Where would you buy a vacation home on the eastern shore?

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So my dad just told me he wants to buy a vacation home on the eastern shore and found one in Crisfield, MD. It is close to the bay, and about an hour from Ocean City. I don't know what exactly he is looking for. I figure it would be nice if the community had a private fishing pier. He has mentioned he wants to get a vacation home somewhere over there and get into fishing, but I'm not sure how much of an avid fisherman he would become. He has a Wrangler and enjoys off roading, and also an old VW bus and likes to go to AI and just camp out on the beach and relax. I know there's not much to go off but I figure you guys know way more than me. Any recommendations?
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Cape Charles or Onacock would be my choice.

Capt Mike
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