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Where to buy a surf fishing license on Tybee Island

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In about a month my one son will be staying near the lighthouse on Tybee Island for 2-3 days. Is there a tackle shop handy to that area for buying his surf fishing license? I haven't been down there for about 16 yrs., actually I didn't even go to any tackle shops, I did buy some bait at a grocery store right on the main street, may have been a IGA?? I do remember fishing a inlet and walking to the end of the island where there were some rocks and a drop off the bank, looked like a favorite fishing spot for many. Also fished the pier one or two days when the surf was real rough, saw my first big drum come over the rails, not me unfortunately!
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Yup, licenses online and add the salt water information permit (SIP) on for free to include salt water fishing. Most of the gas stations on the island sell frozen squid and shrimp. Butler is the main road...stones throw around the 90 degree curve is a touristy knick knack crap store on the right with its own parking lot that sells finger mullet too.

Will probably be slow this time of year, but best bet is probably the light house where the jetty is. Not sure if they have reopened the lighthouse parking lot yet since the hurricane? I believe the drop off you are referring to is on the south end, but beach renurishment efforts have made that drop off more of a long painful shallows. Over the summer, the river channel there was about 150 yards out at high tide and a few feet away at low tide. With the water cold this time of year and the lack of swimmers, you may be able to get away with fishing along the pier. The pier itself was still closed as of a few weeks ago, but who knows if it will be open in february.
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