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Where is Bob?

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We are looking for you to cast with us.
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Hey Bob if you retired then I want the XTR sport.... :)

Charlie now that you hit over 650 does that mean your in AAA class with the big boys. :) John
I'm just going to lay off casting for awhile.
I think Sportcast USA is going to take a lot of my time.I want to see that things run smoothly rather than worry about casting. However time permitting a cast here and there won't hurt.
A lot of things could have been better at the S.E.Regionals and making them so is our goal.

I'm sure there is a steep learning curve right now with Sportcast. Especially with the back to back spring tourneys. There may be room for improvement BUT I think you guys did a great job at the SE regionals. With new leadership and a completely different format (125 and team) I think it all came together well. If I can help (yea even measuring in the rain and lightning.. :) ) then just let me know. Right now I definatly plan to attend the Nationals and I hope to make the NE regional.

I do want to cast that XTR...

Bob, maybe a little time off will help. Hope you decide to keep hitting them.

Mroczka: That is a very good question. I had a really good weekend. I have worked up to a pb of 652(east coast) and usually a good hit is around 620-640( practice field). So the question is how is the organization going to deal with it? Obviously the wind gave me a nice lift and equally obvious is the desire to cast in the "guys league". I don'know what to do.

Tommy: well said, couldn't agree more.
We are aware of the wind and the other elements.You had a great week-end in Hatteras. I cast with you most of the time so I know your average cast.Lets see what happens in Chrisfield before people start moving you around.Relax and cast.Let us worry about what class you are in.With your desire and ability you can only move up.
Fair, very fair. I like that "relax" part. I couldn't cast all week long, trying to hit one of those Hatteras numbers again. Got it worked out Sunday by myself at Anacostia: Slow down was the trick.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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