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You keep saying that like it's some sort of awe-inspiring epiphany.
A quick peek at some of your other "outdoor" forums/websites, with similar annoying happenings, lends itself to suggesting you should perhaps replace some of your 200 or so employees, who seem to spend too much time trying to justify their presence, with people who understand how to "hear" what users are saying, and subsequently "fix" the annoying operating features.
As the saying goes, "you can't please all of the people, all of the time", but you could surely do better.
Two posts above confidently say there was a patch being implemented that will take care of the issue. They implemented other technology to help with site speed and security. Well I've yet to hear anyone ever complain about site speed and the only security issues I've seen so far have been redirecting pop-ups that have yet to be addressed in any way shape or form. So the implementation of cloud flare, to correct nonexistent issues, has created more issues for the average user. Normally when you see moves, excuses, and outright lying on a scale like this, the moves are purely being implemented to cut costs and maximize profits. The redirect pop ups can be corrected. But, only by better vetting the advertising partners on their site.. which cuts into profits. I'm sure the hotspots feature somehow cost more than it made in the long run so it's gone. These moves are being implemented with no consideration for the user. It's all lies and excuses. If you truly look at it, it's the same types of excuses, lies, BS, and promises you see in political races etc. How often are politicians ever telling the truth?
41 - 41 of 41 Posts