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What monofilament has the least amount of stretch

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good morning P&S family. Just a quick question I know I am going to get a lot of different answers. I have been using berkley big game line for a long time is there any other mono out there that has less stretch to it then big game. I love the zero stretch that you get from using braid but braid ,conventional reels, and power casting don't work well together. What are your thoughts?
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Does it have less stretch ?I have ande pink for shock leaders haven't really tried it as a main line just trying to find a mono that will let me detect the smallest bites. I know all mono stretches but some are really stretchy
A good quilts rod isn't my problem. The reason I have so much stretch in my line is because when you cast 150+ yards that line becomes a rubber band lol. I can see most bites just wanting to see if anything out there mono wise had less stretch then others
Ok I will look into some fluorocarbon any suggestion on a fluorocarbon that's castable?
Thanks for those charts ez2cdave that's exactly what I was looking for. U da man !
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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