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What can I do to improve the site in 2001?

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Back in 1999, I decided to start this site because I loved to fish from the surf, piers, banks or wherever else I could wet a line. I had a few profiles of places that were worth fishing, a bulletin board for the same areas, and not much else.

People started coming around and posting and a few more profiles got added, you guys made suggestions to improve the site and things ended up where they are now. I don't know if we'll ever end up like the big boys with thousands of readers and loads of content, but I've really had a good time doing it and meeting lots of you folks on the water or in the local watering hole.

Which brings me to my point: Most of the best ideas I've gotten for this site have come from the readers--so what I can I do to make this a better site in the next year? I'm not promising that I can implement every idea, but I want to hear what you think.

The one thing that I can ask of you is that you post on the boards. In the end, this site isn't worth squat without the readers, so the more you post, the better it will be.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and good fishing. I hope 2001 is a great season for everyone and look forward to hanging out with the folks I've already met and making new friends along the way. It's a butt-cold Maryland winter outside, so I'm going to get back to practicing tieing knots. Damn bimini twist.

sand flea
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Hey Flea how bout u let us fisherman know where to get one of those underwater cell phones. But serious the galley and rigs would be great. getting together to charter a boat. Is there a way u could post new tackle, lures, hooks or whats hot whats not. Well that bout it 4 me.
hey how u guys holdin up this is the longest time of the year.

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