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Western Maryland Fishing Trip - May 4-9, 2023

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Just got back from spending a week fishing in Western Maryland. All the main waters - the Casselman, Savage river, Youghiogheny river, and the North Branch of the Potomac - were all running high due to the constant barrage of rain making most places unfishable. We found some trout and actually fished a couple of lakes for LMB, SMB, and pickeral. It's always nice to spend time fishing out there. Some of these locations are so remote that you can fish all day and NEVER see another fisherman at all. It's always nice to get away from it all and spend time outdoors. This is like going to heaven fo me...

Cloud Sky Water Water resources Plant community

North Branch of the Potomac at Kitzmiller, MD.

Water Plant Water resources Fluvial landforms of streams Natural landscape

Savage River below the dam was running high and unfishable.

Sky Plant Track Tree Thoroughfare

Railroad tracks take you to all the best fishing spots. This was at the Wallman South fishing area.

Flower Plant Terrestrial plant Organism Flowering plant

This rainbow trout had beautiful markings.

Plant Water Plant community Natural landscape Terrestrial plant

Big Run State Park streams were fun to fish with ultralight gear.

Water Plant Water resources Fluvial landforms of streams Natural landscape

Wallman South area is loaded with boulders. This is one of my favorite spots to fish as it always produces. Using the Railroad tracks make it very easy to get to anywhere you want to fish.

Plant Sky Cloud Nature Natural landscape

Kitzmiller area near the bridge is another beautiful area to fish and the local restaurant, - The Coal Bucket - is a great spot to have lunch.

Grass Fish Ray-finned fish Tail Fishing

Largemouth bass from one of the local lakes in the Oakland area. This one is from Herrington Manor State Park.

Vertebrate Fish Ray-finned fish Watch Fin

Average sizes rainbow from the North Branch of the Potomac at Wallman South area. These fish fight hard for their size.

Water Sky Cloud Plant Fluvial landforms of streams

Another view of the deep pools at Kitzmiller.
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Thanks. I always up for the trip out there. Lots of rain this causing the streams to run high - or be unfishable. I can always find some fish though. :)
Thanks. Lots of great areas to fish, you just have to put in the time...
My favorite place. Really hate how they are pushing tourism now.
No tourism in Barnum, Kitzmiller, or the Savage river areas - only in McHenry/Oakland near Deep Creek lake or WISP skiing areas...

I'd rather fish the NB of Potomac anyway! No people on the railroad tracks!
Sky Track Thoroughfare Parallel Railway
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