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west coast fishing?

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I LIVE on the east cost but out of curiousity how is fishing over there. I have heard it doesn't compare to the east though. Any thoughts?
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Lived in San Diego for three years. Loved the fishing in Southern California! Spent lots of time on party boats catching tuna, halibut, calico bass, and barracuda.

On a given Saturday I would head out to the Pacific Beach pier when the sun was just coming up and toss Rapalas and spoons for bonito and barracuda for hours. Then come back at night and catch leopard sharks.

Don't get me started! ;)
Lived in Seattle & Santa Anna when I was a kid fished them both as well as Newport R.I., Lake Erie, the beaches of southern N. Carolina & P'cola Fla. (luxuries of being a Military brat) but IMHO nothing beats this area!! We've got the Chesapeake and the Outer Banks it just doesn't get any better than that!!!
Live up in Vancouver, winter Salmon fishery
just started a couple of weeks ago. Last week some guy got a 18# chromer right off a jetty. I'm not too sure what 2K3 gonna be like with el nino an all.
backlash, IMHO freshwater fishing in northern californa is second to none. the mountain lakes are teeming with all species of fresh water sport fish such as trout, kokanee etc...i go there once a year. i have recently learned they also fish (surf style) in the delta for LARGE salmon.
admittedly my experience salt water surf fishing is limited. i personally have only caught perch in the surf. but i suspect other fish can be had there too because the sharks are always in the area. and as you undoubtly know sharks have to eat something.
the farther norh you travel along the coast the better IMHO the fishing gets. you have already heard about oregon, washington and british columbia. but i suspect fishing in southern california lakes must be superb too as that is where some LUNKER larger mouth are caught every year. just my $0.02
see fishsniffer.com for more details. (sp)


Just found out I'm going to San Diego next month for business. I'll let you know how I do! ;)
Good luck sandcrab, are you going saltwater fishing? For whatt?
I have heard about these long range party boats where the go out for 3-21 days. Read about it in SWS and it said they get into some nice tuna wahoo ect.
I really don't have to time to spend on a long range tuna trip to Mexico. The short range tuna boats go out in June-August time frame from San Diego and go out 100 miles or more. They are overnight trips. They leave at 11pm and come back the next night at 11pm. I have been there when they come back in. Everyone pulls their pickup trucks with coolers up to the docks and all you see is tuna being tossed everywhere. If you want some tuna, just show up..lots are given away by tourists, sailors, etc. NOTHING like fresh tuna on the grill. ;)

I think I'll take a day trip out and catch some halibut or "rockfish" (not the same as here). Just might catch a lingcod if they are still legal to catch.
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