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Went out for about 4 hours today.

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Decided to try a place off of Breton Bay that I hadn't tried before. Not really a 'surf' spot, but there's no pier there. I went at about 11:00am and fished the incoming tide using bloodworms and various types of Gulp baits.

I only managed to hook up with one fish the entire time I was there and I really wish I'd managed to snap a photo of it. I caught 20-24" (didn't have time to grab my tape measure or my phone to snap a picture) carp. Never seen one caught locally before and never caught one myself. It put up a decent fight and felt like a monster while I was reeling it in. I managed to get it up on shore and onto some marsh grass, grabbed for my pliers, and as I reached down to unhook it, it decided to flip around. Actually managed to snap the line on the snelled hook (which was no small feat since I'd used 15lb. test) and flop itself right off the grass and back into the shallow water. I made a grab for it, dropping my pliers in the water in the process, but couldn't get a good grip on it.

Would love to find another one of those to hook up with. Most fun I've had in a long time.
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