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I went out on a headboat trip leaving from Harrisons on Friday Morning.(6:30-10:30) On the ride out I cut squid, cleaned squid and stripped squid. I started fishing the freshly prepared squid strips as soon as the motor stopped. There was a young girl fishing beside me who quickly pulled up a 16" croaker. My jaws dropped. Then she pulled up one about 15.5" I then had a bite and only pulled up a 10", then another 10" then another. She was steady pulling up the big ones then she told me she was only using the squid heads. I grabbed the squid heads I had pulled from new clean squid and bam I had a croaker that was so large it could've almost been a legal pup (missed citation by 3oz). All in all we caught some of the largest croakers I've seen this year. But the hog heads were only hitting the squid heads--- after I used up all of the squid heads I brought another bag off of the mate. And used all the heads from that bag also. I then tried the two different types of squid, the clean squid (which I was told would catch more fish) and the unclean squid. I was catching fish 2:1 off of the dirty squid. Sorry folks but I am gonna have to disagree with some of you on this matter. SQUID WITH GUTS IN WORK BETTER
All in all I had a wonderful day fishing me and my Nephew caught about 60 croakers apeice on the four hour trip and we kept only fish over 13" we had about 25 keepers between us. I think that was a great day on the water. Boy those croakers are gonna taste good with cornbread and ribs tomorrow for Labor Day. Everyone on the boat had buckets or coolers full of fish. Once someone had filled their bucket or cooler until the fish were floppin out on the deck they were filling everyones elses cooler. Everyone discharged the boat with smiling faces

However I didn't see one spot
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