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Courtesey of Bob from th LOng Distance Board

Hatteras report [good one]
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posted 01-08-2003 01:39 AM
Went to Hatteras this past weekend. No wind,Water calm. I managed to have a great couple of days fishing. I caught several speckle trout,4 blues ,2 legal drum and a bunch of small drum ,too many sharks to count and topped it off off with a beautiful 30 lb. striper. Had a bigger one on that broke off.That was ok though.Still the best winter fishing I've ever had in Hatteras. Leaving there Sunday was hard to do. There were 6 people fishing near me on Sat. and everyone caught stripers and drum.The guys at the point was catching skates.
Ralph and Ed get your gear ready and lets go. Missed having you two there.
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