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Fished the Willoughby Spit pier saturday night, a couple of small croakers nothing else.
Fished TCC this morning till the storms moved in around lunch time and landed some small croakers, spot, and one dinner plate size sea turtle. Where are all the fish? :confused:

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It's been over a month since I've been to TCC P-Town.
Usually there is some good fishing at night on
the pier. Can get crowded though!

Fished the Elizabeth River today and caught an
18" puppy drum on a 3" chartreuse grub. It was
healthy and fat with no parasites. Caught three so
far this year and no parasites yet. Released him to get

Have not heard if any puppy drum have been caught
at TCC this year but last year some good sized
ones were landed. It should be a great year for
puppy drum!
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