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Location: PAX River NAS Goose Creek

DATE/ TIME: 28 AUG 08 from 1800-0045 and 31 AUG 08 1600-0137

BAIT USED: Squid/Blood Worms/ Cut Bait/ Blood Worm Fish Bites

FISH CAUGHT: BLUE FISH, Puppy Drum, Spot, Striped Bass, white perch

WEATHER: Rain/wind the 28th, Sunny and Hot the 31st.

Went Thrusday fished the rain and wind, got there and couldnt catch any bait with Casting Net, so no cut bait to start the night with, cast out blood worms and wham, caught a 22 inch puppy drum, then kids started catching spot, cut up the spot and started catching Bluefish right and left. All good size 15-18 inches. Caught one throw back Striper about 14-15 inches on bloodworms.

Went out again Sunday the 31's cast out poles with bloodworms hopeing to catch some spot, few really nice hits no spot caught, used casting net caught spot and cut them up started catching blues again. Blue were hitting steady. Once the sun went down caught 2 puppy drums off cut bait, one 19 inch the other 21.5 inches. Caught some nice size white pearch on bloodworms. One throw back striper in the casting net while trying to catch bunker for bait. Oh and caught some bunker to freeze for future use salted them up real nice and put in deep freezer. Thats about it from me on the home front, back to work I go.

Tight Lines All,
P.S. Also saw a few other P.S. members out there. They were catching some fish too. Oh and a guy pulled in a nice 19 inch flounder Acrossed the bridge from me:fishing:
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