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The lights, once again are on 90%, on both sides during the day and nite. Fished the Talbott side, from 10AM--11PM. A few bluefish 11-15 inches during the day. Some spot, nicer sized perch straight down on the pilings. Had 2 runs on the conv fishing straight down on the pilings using live spot. Got one 17 incher up, zippo on the other. The perch turned off at nite. Again, I was using 5 rods, 2 with cut spot, 2 livelining, and a spot/perch rod..

NOTHING in the early evening. After dark, I had 2 runs with the live spot, one was a good one, about 25 inches. NO bluefish, in the evening, or after dark. For 2 hours, after dark, I had 2 rods with soft crab, nothing touched them. No wind flat calm.

A full moon was in the sky. I have had more BAD luck fishing piers and the surf on a full moon, then non-full moon. Has anyone else had tough times on a full moon???

I believe the water is still too warm for the rock fish to hit there. Several boats throwing lures up against the pilings, got skunked. This is the same pattern as the week before. Will wait 2 weeks for the water to chill down, and will try it again. I still have 12 soft crabs left.

Just amazing how they NOW keep the lights on during the day. Not a lot of people out there fishing--that also tells me something.....
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