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weathers immeadiate impact on the bite

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i am curious to know everyone's opinion on the effect an approaching storm has on the feeding patterns of fish. in the past i have had excellent success, on multiple occasions, catching freshwater trout beginning minutes before the arrival of a spring thunderstorm. the feeding frenzy continued during the early stages of the storm and then slowed back to the prior pace as the storm exited. i have repeatedly caught some of my biggest fish during these times. today i experimented with this at the beach. the bluefish bite has been decent the past few days, but water clarity has gone downhill, and early reports today at the local pier indicated no blues. i fished 20 minutes before an afternoon t-storm arrived and then about 20 more minutes during the early rain, until the lightning and thunder seemed to be slightly scary close. no fish, even though i applied similar techniques that produced blues earlier this week. does anyone have any theories concerning the immeadiate impact of weather on the bite? thanx
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It is true the weather specifically the barometer has a big effect on the biting of fish, it is like this:

A rising barometer (like just after a low has passed over the area) fishing is best.

Rapid up or down barometer (quick passing thunderstorm or similar event), fishing is good

Falling barometer (example: approching low weather front, first part of the fall is good, after that fishing is poor, the lower it goes the worse the fishing.

Unusually low barometer, like a hurricane, fishing is not good at all.

Hope this helps
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