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Water Temps (Wilmington area)

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anyone know what the water temps are down in the Wilmington area? every site i check i get different (incorrect) temps. I just checked the weather channel site and it says that the surface temps are in the 80's?

Wind Speed: 24 mph
Wind Direction: SSE (163°)
Surf: Shoulder-high
Sea State: Rough
Sea Surface Temp: 82 F
Wave Height: -- ft.
Wave Direction: SE (131°)
Wave Period: 5 sec.

and that the water temp is in the mid 60's?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Tight Lines!

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Thanks for the info but it wasn't really what I was looking for. Or maybe i was just looking in the wrong spot. Me and my dad are planning a dive trip to carolina beach in the next few weeks and needed to know the water temps to determine if i need to rent a wet suit or not.

Tight Lines.


P.S. Has anyone dove the north jetty out of Masonboro Inlet? If so, how are the currents there? and do you think it would be best to dive it during slack tide?
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