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Wasting time in the surf

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Just got back from Top Sail and the surf fisahing sucked again. I am done with it. The beach is flat and the fish are not there. Scoured the beach at low tide and could not find any structure to speak of. Fished 3 evenings for 2 whiting and 2 puffers. I was in front of surf city. Didnt go elsewhere to be fair but the 2 previous years it sucked in different areas so...
The marsh is where it's at. Caught sheephead, black drum, red drum, blues and trout off the ICW and in the marshes in my kayak. I love to surf fish but I also love to catch fish! Oh, I forgot the 2 blue crabs I caught in the surf. woohoo! I am not talking about the drum run and if I need to drive the entire coast looking for "good" beach then forget it. I remember fishing as a kid on the Fla. beaches and catching all kinds of trout, snook and other fish and I had no idea what I was doing. Just a hair jig and a pc of shrimp. Maybe I need to start bgoing to Fla. again. Such a long ride. The weather, sunsets and people were nice at least. Done complaining.
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My experience fishing cape Lookout over the past 20 years has been similar. Our trips are becoming less productive. Even as our knowledge, gear, and tactics increase. The past 5 years have been pathetic. We take 2-3 day trips twice a year and haven't loaded a cooler in years. Surf fishing in NC is definitely declining.
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