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I picked up a very useful item at the Chesapeake Square Walmart today. It's a see thru plastic packet that holds a fishing license. It has a safety pin for attaching to a shirt, jacket, etc... Cost was only 69 cents.

Also picked up plenty of red hooks. Many different shapes and sizes from Eagle Claw and Matzuo. Picked up a few of those space capsule looking surf sinkers. The ones with the wire legs. Got the 4 ounce sizes. That's the largest I saw. Will probably get a few 2 ounce ones on my next trip.

They also had packaged 3 piece rods ensembles. In addition to the rod components, the package included a reel, an 11 piece saltwater accessory pack and a small accessory storage box with adjustable compartments. Minus the 2 I got, there were a few left on clearance. Not so much a great name brand (Shakespear Alpha) but they should be ok for smaller fish from piers and banks. The overall length of the rod is 7 feet rated medium/heavy duty. The cost was $20 even. Good for the little ones. And the size is right for keeping it in the back of the car's trunk. They were on the clearance isle. Not in the sporting goods section.

To finish things off, I got a couple cans of attractant. One is crab scent and the other is menhaden(shad) scent. I forgot to pick up the shrimp scent. Maybe tomorrow. They were regularly around $4.50 each. Got them for $1.75 a can. Company name is "BANG." And they smell like the real deal. Stinky as heck. :eek: Glad I didn't do a test spray til I got home.

Well an hour later and with $85 bucks less in my pocket, I am set for a while. I just need to go back and get what was at the top of my original shopping list. Namely, Easter Baskets. :eek: What they don't know won't hurt them. ;)
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