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Speaking with Joe and Robin today I found out that a good showing of people showed up for the VRMC meeting in Newport News on March 10.

One of the planned topics of the meeting was the IMPROVEMENT of Little Island Pier - the replacement of surface planking and utility upgrades. The EXTENSION of the pier was not on the agenda.

But the large showing of people present to make comments on this facet of the pier's future forced the committee to hear from those present regarding the extension. The CCA was there with signed petitions from quite a few people - a thick ream of paper containing names was presented. Some good comments were made, some good information was learned. Most important it showed the committee that there is a large interest in seeing the planned extension of the pier become a reality.

Talk of extending the pier had been circulating for years, but only recently has there been visible activity before committees. Who knows, the extension may become a reality.

Good job on all those that showed up.

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