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Virginia Croakers

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When is the best time of the year to catch the large Virginia croakers? I live in North Carolina. Do I need a saltwater sticker for my boat or does each individual need a license? Where in Virginia can I get that sticker? Also, is there a limit on the croakers {not size, but how many}.
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Now is the time for the croakers, and they stay around through the summer. Big ones are being caught now in the rivers around the bay. There is currently no bag limit on croakers. You can get individual saltwater licenses for $7.50 or a boat license that covers anyone aboard. (I'm not sure, but I think its around $35.00) Most of the local tackle shops sell licenses, but you may want to check the VMRC website for more info.
The price for the license is a bit more if you are not a Va. resident, right? Maybe 12 bucks?
Actually the prices are $7.50 and $30.00 for an individual or boat license respectively. There is no difference between in state and out of state residents.

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