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VB Oceanfront 06/24 - 06/25....Roundheads and galore

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Went to the pier on Saturday 18:00 till 07:00 about 13hours the next day. It was pleasant fishing when there was Latin Festival going on nearby despite constantly hearing "Boriqua!", "Mexico!", and "Colombia!" :beer:
Didn't even bother going to the end of the pier since there were folks lined up like sardines trying to catch Spanish Mackerels with their Gotchas; I'm sure those macks weren't there for the festival! At first it was rather dull with just few Spadefish until after sun went down, then the bites really picked up. Some skates and sand eels here and there, but the night was about catching those Southern Kingfish. I'm used to catching their Northern counterparts up in South Jersey, but I must have kept about a dozen of the roundheads and one I measured to be at 15", an inch short of citation size. Since it was my first time catching such big roundheads, I fished on all night long and later on, it was just tiny croakers after croakers. All in all, it was quite productive having my marathon fishing and it was also nice to catch my first Spots of the year. looking forward to vacationing in Virginia Beach again soon. :)

P.S.: Also had some time crabbing. But I think more crabs were caught on my lines than on my crab-pot. :p


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Thanks for the report. When I lived there I never really went to VB pier often it was too touristy.
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