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VA Citations Reported 4/17 - 4/30/03

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Are you guys looking at this anymore?

<TABLE BORDER="1" CELLPADDING="4" WIDTH="760" STYLE="font-size: 10 pt"><TR BGCOLOR="00FF99"><TH COLSPAN=7>Virginia Citations Reported
4-17-03 to 4-30-03</TH></TR><TR BGCOLOR="FFFF00"><TH>Species</TH> <TH>Citation Size</TD> <TH>Kills</TH><TH>Releases</TH><TH>YTD
K-R-Total</TH><TH>Leading Entry</TH><TH>Angler</TH></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TD>Croaker</TD> <TD>3 lbs</TD> <TD>1</TD> <TD>*</TD> <TD>2</TD> <TD BGCOLOR="66CCFF">3 lbs. 14 oz.</TD><TD BGCOLOR="66CCFF">Michael Whittaker</TD></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TD BGCOLOR="FFCCJJ">Flounder</TD> <TD>7 lbs</TD> <TD>3</TD> <TD>*</TD> <TD>3</TD> <TD>7 lbs. 4 oz.</TD><TD>Sam Parker</TD></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TD BGCOLOR="FFCCJJ">Gray Trout</TD><TD>9 lbs or 30"</TD> <TD>1</TD> <TD>7</TD> <TD>1-7-8</TD> <TD>9 lbs. 2 oz.</TD><TD>Robert Sturt</TD></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TD>Seabass</TD> <TD>5 lbs</TD> <TD>29</TD> <TD>*</TD> <TD>156</TD> <TD BGCOLOR="66CCFF">7 lbs. 11 oz.</TD><TD BGCOLOR="66CCFF">Mark Peele</TD></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TD>Speckled Trout</TD><TD>5 lbs or 24"</TD> <TD>1</TD> <TD>1</TD> <TD>9-7-16</TD> <TD>10 lbs. 12 oz.</TD><TD>Draco Weaver</TD></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TD>Striped Bass</TD> <TD>40 lbs or 42"</TD> <TD>0</TD> <TD>1</TD> <TD>58-223-281</TD> <TD>58 lbs. 0 oz.</TD><TD>William W. Turner</TD></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TD>Tautog</TD> <TD>9 lbs or 22"</TD> <TD>14</TD> <TD>14</TD> <TD>57-45-102</TD> <TD>21 lbs. 8 oz.</TD><TD>Ronald E. Williams</TD></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TH BGCOLOR="HHCCBB">Totals</TD><TD></TD><TD BGCOLOR="HHCCBB">49</TD><TD BGCOLOR="HHCCBB">23</TD><TD BGCOLOR="HHCCBB">286-282-568</TD> <TD></TD><TD></TD></TR><TR ALIGN="center"><TH BGCOLOR="FFCCJJ" COLSPAN=1>New Species</TH><TH BGCOLOR="00FF99" COLSPAN=4>* No citation given ** Release only</TH><TH BGCOLOR="66CCFF" COLSPAN="2">New Leader</TH></TR></TABLE>
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woahhh a 21 lb tog. Isnt the record like 22 or around taht area.
what about the \7lb sea bass!
I always read it,hope to read my own name there one of these days.Thanks for posting it.
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