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Reading everybody's reports is really making me miss Virginia Beach area fishing, but I've been having fun on Lake Ontario having trout and salmon slam my lures from the piers. I will be coming down to Virginia beach this weekend to do some good ol saltwater fishing. I usually, used to anyway, go to seagull, va beach pier, or buckrow. What's the reports been there? Or where is a good spot to go that's producing? I will be bottom fishing and slinging metal. I really only have about a day to fish, so can anyone recommend a productive spot that I can enjoy? I'm thinking bout lesner bridge since it's so pretty there, but sometimes I've had lesser luck there. I miss fishing there so much and am looking forward to fishing there this weekend, but I really need a productive spot. Please give me some good info guys!

Thanks in advance and Tight lines
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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