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VA Beach Aug 12-14

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I'm gonna be down that way this weekend. Planning to mainly hit the surf and maybe some inlets depending what's going on. Looking to be on the surf day break saturday and sunday looking for spanish, how's the surf bite been on them off the sand? Rudee or Lynnhaven inlets doing much? trout, flounder, reds?
I don't fish bait, it'll be all artificials.
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I've got plenty of tins for the spanish and blues, was just wondering how close they end up coming in. I'll need to keep an eye on wind and weather which will play a big part in them being close as far as water clarity. I don't really fish piers, or anywhere else there is much of a crowd, I like my space.
I've never fished lynnhaven inlet but may give that a shot with some soft plastics and smaller swimmers, doubt I will be needing my big 3oz pencils and metal lips this time of year lol.
Flounder fishing up here has been fairly bleak this season too.
Yeah the piers are really crowded this time of year down here, it's what keeps me away. However, the pier at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (Seagull Pier) is 24 hours, and while you have to pay a toll to access the bridge tunnel the pier itself is free. With a 24 hour schedule you might find a time that isn't so crowded. They're also closing it down next year, so I know I intend to hit the pier before it goes out. Its very deep water out there so the fishing is pretty good.

I live on Ft. Story, so our beach is technically off limits to civilians (enforcement is pretty lax though so it's not really a big deal). As such we usually get a good stretch of beach all to ourselves here. The fishing isn't great but it's not bad, either. You might try doing the same thing. Go to the public ocean front around 86th street (good luck with parking, though) and just walk on to Ft. Story. You're technically not allowed to, but so long as you don't get on the rocks no one will question whether or not you're supposed to be there. Standing on the rock formations is a great way to signal you're not supposed to be on the base, it's like rule #1 of the beach that everyone knows.
haha I was reading about that yesterday trying to find out if I was allowed out on the tip of the jetty at Ruddee. (sadly nopeeee) and I came across people talking about those rocks too lol.
I am stayin at Oceans 2700 and was planning to just fish the beach out front at daybreak before anyone gets out there. Friday night on the way down I may swing by Lynnhaven inlet to toss some plugs and jigs for a bit.
Thinkin i may even drown an eel off the beach for a bit and see if i somehow get lucky and a man in the brown suit finds it.
do people get many spanish off the surf? when do the reds start to show up? As much as I hate bait I feel like it might be my only real choice out front.
Hey Mike,

Can't speak for VA beach but I caught a ton of spanish mack by wading out to the bar in Gulf Shores, AL. Everyone else around was fishing bait and mostly getting the skunk but a well placed deadly dick or 3/4 oz krocodile spoon (1/2 - 1 oz stingsilver, hopkins, kastmaster should all work too) had me into fish on almost every cast. They were pretty far out so a 8 to 10' rod rated in the 1/2 - 2 oz range combined with 15-20 lb braid on the spool was a help distance-wise. I paired this offering with a teaser- brown over white clouser with a little flash tied on a 1/0 or 2/0 hook got the most attention but anything thin, sparse, white and flashy seemed to work. A light breeze in your face will help bring them in, as long as it doesn't make the surf too rough.


Edit: They also love gotcha plugs.
Thanks Kyle. That's roughly what I had planned to do, i just wasn't sure if they get within that range even. I've got plenty of slim profile tins to throw at them. Looked at teh surf cams this morning and the water looked pretty stained from what I could tell which will kill it for me.
Reds won't show in force until likely after the second week of September...spanish in the morning, or on the fringes of bait pods that come close to shore. 2 oz shorties stingsilver or 1 1/2 oz smoothie Hopkins have both been producing
Awesome, I've got an assortment of tins I'm bringing, deadly dicks, stingsilver, AOKs
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