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Hi guys
coming over to Marathon with family 23 july then key largo for a week and finally Anna Maria for last two weeks. Working and saving like mad for this holiday of a lifetime so would v much appreciate you fellas helping out a Brit. Searched all the possible forums I can find and had a great time reading and re reading them. Main concern will how the heat will affect the fishing? Early and late seems to be the key ( no pun intended). Have a dock firstweek about 100 yds from altantic side, what can I hope to catch? Key largo staying at kywama yacht club, small pier there. Kids happy for pins small snapper etc but teenage son and I after slightly better fish. Any small sharks ie bonnets snook macks and jcks etc? Cudas also on list. May bring a coulpe of11ft pike rods and a sea rod for the bigger stuff. Prob buy a couple of spinning rods from BassPro and leave behind like we usually do. Assuming 10lb test for smaller stuff, 30-lb braid and 25lb flouro for medium stuff and maybe 40lb and wire for heavy stuff. Going out once each week after target fish dolphin withy a skipper, then will be a happy man! Will try to fish one of the bridges for a bit but as family hols got to be a bit considerate.. Assume live shrimp live pins squid etc for bait plus all the usual lures will work. planning on dropping a live bait in the canal late eve into dark for bonnets or any other large predators that may be lurking. Usual load of questions but will post a detailed report after hols.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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