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Type of cast

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I have been reading about the different types of cast. I guess I have been using the over the head and into the water most of the time cast. what cast would you recommend to learn first. I am casting with a spinning set-up from a flat beach. I am looking for distance. :confused:
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Come on Longcaster, you can give a description of the Brighton cast. You are a pro at throwing a sinker a longggggg wayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! How is longranger doing? I have not seen him post for awhile. He must still be fishing!!!!! pelican man. P.S. Hey longcaster; Do you have an extra Abu screamer to sell?
Hey longcaster, Can you e-mail me with some specifics about your XLT III? Are the Ultra Mag's for the professionals? I am still in the beginner stage. If I could just throw straight I would be doing alot better. Hey longcaster; I got a good picture of you walking in the field off to the left @ Crisfield; looking for your sinker!!!!! I gotta learn to throw straight in order to beat Ralph!!!!!!!!! Thanks,Larry
Hey Ralph, I cannot say that I am interested in beating the Earl that you mentioned. As you continue to get better @ casting; hopefully I can keep up with you. I have been enjoying learning how to cast further. Also, my homeschooling is going pretty good. I had alot of fun just unhooking my wife's drum and striper and rebaiting. A quick note about casting further; The FISH that my wife caught; WERE NOT OUT VERY FAR!!!!! I did use My 12" Tica; but it had an 8oz. sinker on it & a big piece of bait. The suburban is a big vehicle. It really rides in the sand nice & my wife loves to drive it also; on the beach! The kids loved the Ocracoke ferry ride. see ya, pelican man.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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