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Tybee Report 7/16

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Got down to the pier around 645pm. Lots of people out there but water was a bit rough and a little muddy. Just alot of small whiting, spot and rays being caught. I managed to catch a 16.5" flounder within about 10 minutes of getting there and decided that was all I needed for the day. So I packed and left after cleaning the fatty flattie. MMmmmm, flounder!
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woahh i caught a flounder around that size to onn 7/16. But it was at landings and hit a rockfish rocket. Emanuel im gonna stop by ur shop today around 2ish or 3ish to pick up some stuff for the silver king(tarpon). Im goin try a few of the lagoons here for them tommorrow mourning. Imagine one of those on 15 lb test 8(---)
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