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Tybee Report 5-19

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Went out to the pier around 4. Wind was howling and lots of waves. Fished for about a half hour, caught nothing. Some people had some undersized sharks, so I, being in an already pissy mood, decided that I had had enough. Went down and called the DNR, only to find out that the office was closed. Got home and got a call from the officer I know who said he would go down right away and check it out. Kinda slow response time on their part, but it's better than a kick in the head. :rolleyes:
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Yep......Don't like a tattle-tale but what else can we do? I see undersiz sharks being taken on the pier allmost evertime I'm there. Some know that they are breaking the law and some don't. Can you get your DNR freind to update the size/creel limits on the pier. All the stickers have been torn off and the sign on the piller(left side) nobody notices. Maybe this would cut down on the turists/newbes from keeping under-sized fish. As for the @[email protected] who Knowingly keep under-size fish...Hope your freind gets them.Enought on that.

I'll be rolling into town Friday. Planing to seek out some bait Sat morning during low tide. Got a new cast net...been practicing in my pool all weekend. Going to start out at the point(s. beach down from pier) and work my way up the back river. does this sound like a good plan to you?
Any shrimp in that area? Looking for the mullet mostly. You ever had any problems netting back there? If I srike out where do suggest I go? North beach? Waters near Ft pulaski?

When will you be around? I'll probably fish every day next week and when not fishing be at Doc's drinking.

Take that job! It's ok to BEG to get a job like that....GOOD LUCK.
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You never know when I'm going to be around, although I may be less of a presence on that pier once the tourists come out in force. Sometimes I wish the pier charged a small fee to get on it so it would cut down on the number of @ssclowns who manage to find their way out there.

As for the people keeping the undersized fish/sharks, they had plenty of warning. I tell people all the time that their fish are undersized/oversized and some listen, others don't. Maybe they'll take me a little more seriously now. I'm really sick and tired of those people who just keep whatever they catch, regardless of size, species, or creel limit. True, commercial fishermen are ruining things for us, but we don't have add to an already bad situation. :mad: :mad: :mad:

There, I'm getting off my soapbox for now.

If you throw around the jetties for bait, you should find plenty of mullet. If you do catch up with me on Saturday, I think I am off until 5, so I can show you around. I'll also give you the hookup on some good shrimp spots.
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