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Went out to Tybee with live mudminnows, menhaden and shrimp. Fished from 1230pm to 130 am. Right off the bat, hooked up with a nice 17" trout. Alot of trout caught today by people using cut bait and live shrimp, some went about 24". Also caught a few blues, couple of ladyfish, couple whiting, a sting ray, and 4 sharks. One shark was a 6ft hammerhead that hit on a piece of cut blue on the heaver. Didn't manage to land him as he cut me off after about 15-20 minutes of rail-clearing mayhem. Think I may need to use something heavier than 17# mono from now on.

The back and arms are going to be killing me in the morning. One cool thing that came out of that was the video footage of it that someone shot. He said he was going to put it on the net for me to see, although seeing as how he was the bishop of a church, he may not like all the cussing I managed to do. :D

Anyways, long day, lot's of fun. Met some nice people who I will definitely fish with again, and there's shark and trout in the fridge. Anyone have any good ideas on how to cook the shark?
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