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So After having a great trip to Savannah with the GF. I decided to stop by tybee island and do some surf fishing before we left. Picked up some fresh shrimp and went to the north end. Beach had way more people on it than i thought it would. I got right up against the jetty on the south/east side so my lines wouldnt be in anyone's way. Only had two rods out and both were double dropper rigs with #6 j hooks. Didnt have my bigger rigs for pups and what not because i left the hooks at home :(. Fished for a couple hours with only one sea mullet to show for it. I had fished from close in to a decent ways out. Finally i decided to just heave it. I cast it out bout 50-75 yards im guessing (not a good judge of distance). Within 5 minutes i had a bite. From then on i was pulling in sea mullet every 5-10 minutes. Most were throw backs but I ended up keeping 4. Also caught two rays and two horseshoe crabs. One of those days where i dont know why they were out that far, but they were. Water was super dirty from all the rain on sunday. Also it seemed like there was a lot of dredging going on off the island.

Thanks for all the help and info leading up to my trip!
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