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tybee etiquette

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My wife and I will be staying in tybee over the Labor Day holiday weekend, and I had a few questions. First off, I am very new to pier fishing. We have only done it once in Destin FL. With that being said, is there a good website to teach me the basics of how to get started....what bait, what line, how to tie the bait to the line, and so forth. Most importantly, on the off chance that I do catch something, what do you do with it??? Are you supposed to throw it back????

Thanks for all your help
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Tybee rules dictate that you must bring out the biggest gear possible, get drunk and try to catch sharks :rolleyes:

If you aren't into that, you could bring a king rig and catch stuff that way, or fish for trout in the surf. I'd be avoiding the pier at any holiday time. Just too many people out there who don't know what they're doing, no offense. These people are also beligerent at times and show no courtesy. I've noticed this more and more recently and at one point last week, it degenerated into a brawl in which a knife was drawn and the police were called.:jawdrop:

Here's what you do. Get in touch with me before you come down and I'll show you where to fish and what to use.
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