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With gorgeous weather and light winds at hand (4/4) I just had to give it a go. Hurried home from work and was set up to fish the last couple hours of the incoming and the first of the outgoing. Man, what a difference a day or two makes. The Whiting bite was on. My offerings of fresh shrimp were readily taken, landing several doubles and one triple on the grocery rod. Good gravy ya'll, all the ten to eleven inch Whiting you wanted, figures, cuz its time. They were not interested in the fishbites like last week, just fresh shrimp. No big bulls landed today, but if you wanted to harvest for a fish fry then all was good.

No takers on the big rod.

Did take a cool pic of the 100 year sheet pilings currently being removed from north beach.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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