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I have next Tuesday free to fish... but I need to select a general area.

I would appreciate hearing information on what general area of the NC coast would be a good bet... where is the bite looking good this week? While I don't mind taking a day off and just standing on the beach (beats sitting in an office chair), I would like to make the most of my day fish-wise.

Places I tend to go are Oak Island, Fort Fisher, north end CB, Topsail... these are not bad for me to get to for a day trip. I go to Fort Macon every other year or so, just for a change of scenery, but it's more hours of driving on a day trip. OBX is a real hike for me for a day but if that's the real spot at the moment I would do what I have to do... maybe an overnighter.

I saw one post that said the bite was all sharks at the Fort, and that's what makes me ask this, as I would probably have hopped in the car and just headed down there.

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