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Trout Size Reel

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I thought it interesting that Diawa and Shimano no longer list a 2500 or 3000 size SALTWATER spinning reels in there line up. What does their inshore Pro Staff use old stuff ?
This question is for those that know not those that google!
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Looking at my 2016 Cabelas catologe. Here's what i found Shimano, Sustain reel, a 1000,2500,and a 3000. Stradic, same sizes, Daiwa, None. Personally for the money I use Penn reels in the size your looking at. I find the Penn"s easier to work on.:fishing:
None of these reels hold up as saltwater reels the last three stradics I bought fell apart in a few weeks. They are advertised as fresh water reels now.
I've also noticed even the penns with the open holes in the spools are sand (salt) collectors. The new slammer III looks promising but a little heavy and I don't like that metal knob.
Bruce a 4000 isn't a trout reel, 1500-3500 reels are trout reels. I see they do have smaller reels. Might be worth a look. I'm currently using the Akios 3500 Targa and it's holding up good. I keep 4 different rods rigged with different size jigs and mirro lures ready.
Two 2500's and a 5000. I wash them down good after every outing and spray them with hops when I think they need it. Bearings fell apart. I replaced with after market bearings. They still fill up with trash after one trip on the beach.
The Procyon and Ballistic are Mag Sealed. Eliminating the need for SW rated bearings. Only thing I can think of.
I see they claim to be both fresh and saltwater. I would like to here if someone has fished them hard in saltwater.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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