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Trout fishing at IRI and Cape Helopen

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Unless it rains, I was planning on fishing IRI and the Cape either late Friday night or early Saturday morning. How are the trout hitting now that the water is nice and cloudy? Any special bait that is taking more trout than another? Mullet? WE Shads? Fin-S minnows?

Thanks :)
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I don't know about IRI,but I'll find out what there going to eat at Cape Henlopen or Roosevelt Inlet the next day.Some guy said he did good with chicken at the Broadkill on the Cafe Locale websight.

Try some Zoom Flukes in Bubble Gum (pink) on 3/4 oz. heads for trout at IRI. All we caught were blues and shad (did lose one nice rock) but the trout love those and pink Got-cha's. Speaking of pink Got-Cha's Old Inlet was all out of them because of the tent sale so was Fenwick Tackle. Finally found a couple down at Shantytown.
Thanks. BPS is always out of the pink GotCha's when I go there. What about cut spot or croaker soaked in shedder oil?
That or soaked chicken will work but wait until after dark to keep blues at a minimum.

Check out Sue Foster's fishing report this week, they're there :)
I have a brand new unopened package of them in bubble gum color...now name your price! :p
I don't know if they're active enough to hit lures;but purdue peeler is the bait to have.Peeler crab just isn't working like it used to. :rolleyes: :confused:
i agree there happy. whats up with that.caught some spike trout last sat .morning at broadkill. but none on sheds.just chicken in oil.
Caught some nice trout last year at IRI drifting cut mullet. Anyone drifting for trout in the inlet having any luck?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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